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What is an Office Management and Clerical Degree?

Do you dream of having a career in which you are the heart and soul of a company? Consider a degree in Office Management. As an Office Manager, you will find yourself in charge of office and business duties. You may even plan events or become a marketing assistant! The possibilities as an Office Manager are endless! If you think Office Managers are just skilled typists, think again. Office Managers are so important that a business or company couldn't function without them.

In order to start your career as an Office Manager, you will have to earn an Associate's degree in Office Management. Consider the joys of having a job that allows you to perform business-related functions without having to attend business school! Two short years of schooling stands between you and your dream career! A degree in Office Management will combine business skills with personal skills- a perfect combination for anyone! As an Office Manager, you will manage other employees. A business may also require you to be familiar with payroll, book-keeping, and accounting. But don't fret! The coursework you will take to become an Office Manager will prepare you for all of the duties of an Office Manager.

Office Mangers are needed in almost every business and professional setting. Therefore, there are many different office settings that you could work in such as schools, doctors' offices, etc. Office Managers typically work 40 hour work weeks. Part-time employment is also an option for Office Managers! A career in Office Management not only allows you to choose your work environment, but it also allows the option of full or part-time employment. Do you want a flexible career? Become an Office Manager!

How can I get an Office Management and Clerical Degree?

A great place to start a career in Office Management is at a vocational school or community college. You will take courses that will prepare you for a possible career in Office Management. Some students that wish to continue their education receive a degree in  Business after earning their degree in Office Management. Aside from the necessary coursework, there are other areas that Office Managers should be skilled in, such as:

  • Computer skills
  • Communication and writing
  • Customer Service
  • Organization
  • Management

Need another good reason to become an Office Manager? Consider that the demand for Office Managers is increasing and is expected to grow up to 11%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the need for Office Managers will increase through 2018.  As technology expands, so does the need for Office Managers. Now that you know the importance of an Office Manager, you're probably wondering how much they get paid. An average salary for Office Managers is $24,317- $58,315 ( Experience and skills are two important factors when determining the pay that an Office Manager will receive.

Don't let the opportunity of becoming an Office Manager slip away. Start your future now. Apply today.

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